Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Crow's Roost

Why did  I name my blog "The Crow's Roost?"  Unlike many people, who say that their favorite bird is the one they are looking at at the moment, I definitely have a favorite bird-- the American Crow.  I like crows so much because first and foremost, they are fascinating and often highly amusing to watch. Second, crows gather in huge numbers, something that Common Ravens don't tend to do.  Last but not least, American Crows are extremely abundant and so are easy to find and observe.

My interest in crows started four years ago when for the first time, a huge group of crows started dropping into the trees near my property every night.  Since then, I have come to learn a lot more about crows and their habits, and all the time I have come to like the American Crow more and more.

My birdwatching is certainly not limited to watching crows.  I try to watch every bird that I can get my eyes on, be it a Bald Eagle on the ice of a frozen lake or one of those pesky European Starlings (they are really pretty not to mention fun to listen to.  And how should they know they're invasive?)   In fact, the American Crow has not always been my favorite bird.  I have switched from Hooded Merganser to Sandhill Crane to Ruddy Duck to Ruffed Grouse to Common Loon to Magnolia Warbler until most recently  I permanently decided on American Crow as my favorite bird.

I don't only watch birds, either.  I like plants (especially trees, fruits, and wildflowers), watch butterflies, Odonates, and herps, hike a lot, and love to write.  I sing in a young men's chorus, play the cello, take lots of photos, and draw birds.  I volunteer often at the local nature center.

So, future posts on this blog will run the gamut from what kind of wildflower I found at the nearest county park, to the rarity I saw the other day, to (of course) updates on the local crow roost.



  1. Awesome post, Nathan!

  2. Love the blog and thanks for introducing me to Xeno Canto. That is a cool site.

  3. Love your new blog